Need a Storage Unit? Pick up Several Essentials Beforehand

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If you are living in your forever home and have reached a point in which you no longer have any storage space, you will need to come up with a storage solution. When you want to avoid getting rid of any belongings while also feeling comfortable enough to buy new items, you must make it a goal to increase your family's storage capacity through one of various solutions.

Renting a storage unit should give you all the space that you need to feel comfortable for years. To enjoy a smooth process using storage, you should pick up a few essentials beforehand.

Packing Paper

When you need to pack fragile items, you may find yourself tempted to use things that you already have such as newspaper, clothes, and towels to protect your belongings. While they may do a good job of keeping fragile items from breaking or getting damaged, you could run into other problems such as newspaper or clothing dye bleeding onto the items that they are protecting.

This makes it worth investing in packing paper that you should be able to pick up from a storage facility or moving supply store. Using this kind of packing protection will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are well-protected and not at risk of becoming discolored.

Bubble Wrap

Packing paper works well for a lot of your possessions such as ceramic kitchenware and delicate decorations, but you will also find it handy to use bubble wrap while getting items ready. In some cases, one- or two-layer paper wrapping is not enough to provide sufficient protection. An excellent example is attempting to store a mirror, computer monitor, tablet, or television.

These things with glass surfaces are more susceptible to damage than a ceramic plate or mug. Another way that you can use bubble wrap is to help with filling out boxes that are already heavy enough, but still need space to be filled out to provide support and protect against collapsing.


While you may be able to get lucky with packing and stacking boxes to use up most of the space inside a storage unit, you will find that shelving is easier, safer, and more reliable. This is when you will want to pick up metal shelving units and place them along the walls inside the unit. You can even line them up in the middle as long as you leave a large enough path to walk around.

These shelves allow you to store boxes without having to put more than two to three on top of one another. You should also make it a goal to pick up shelving units that allow you to adjust the height of each shelf because this will help you accommodate your storage needs perfectly.

Getting these essentials when renting a storage unit will lead to a great experience. Contact self-storage services to learn more about your options.