4 Ways Children Can Use Storage Units For Charitable Causes

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As children grow up, it's ideal to teach them the importance of giving. One of the easiest ways to do this is through charitable causes. Allowing your child to choose causes they are passionate about and to help children in need can help set up a path for success in the future. As you help your child plan out different charity causes, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. Storage unit rentals make it easy to organize all different kinds of charity collections. Browse through the following four charitable causes and see what ones your child is interested in.

Coat & Blanket Drives

When the winter months come, many low-income families seek donations of coats and blankets to stay warm. To help these families, many local communities participate in coat and blanket drives. By renting a storage unit, your child can easily spend multiple weeks collecting donations and keep them organized. Wardrobe racks can be used in the unit to hang the coats and shelving units can be set up for folded blankets. The extra space in a storage unit makes it easy to separate items by sizes. When a donation is requested, the items can easily be retrieved and donated to the family in need. After the winter has passed, the remaining items can be donated to a local shelter or a collection can start to build for the next year. Your child can also seek money donations to help support the storage unit and keep the charitable cause running for multiple years.

Book Collections

Schools, libraries, and children always seem to be in need of book. If this is the case in your local community, then your child can help by starting a book collection drive. After seeking book donations, the various titles can be stored in a storage unit. The units are ideal for separating the books and really examining them after the donations are received. For example, a book may be too worn or damaged to be worth donating. Using the storage unit to separate the books will make the process go smoother. From there, the books can be donated to different organizations.

Can Collecting

If your child is a seeking an on-going charitable cause they can help with, then can collecting is an ideal option. Currently there are ten states that offer bottle deposits for cans and bottles. Collecting and cashing in these beverage containers can help raise a lot of extra cash for the charitable cause. When collecting cans and bottles, the dried up liquids can create a natural odor and this is why it's best to store them in a storage unit instead of your own home. Using a storage unit also allows you to amass a large collection of cans before actually cashing them in. Bottle and can drives can be held in the local community, and then all of the cans can be transported to the unit for proper storage. The can money can be used to help pay for the storage unit, and the rest can be donated. As the process continues, your child will continue to raise money for charity.

Toy Drives

It feels good for many children to help out other children. One of the best ways to do this is with a toy drive. Toy drives are popular around the holiday season when families in need cannot afford to purchase presents for their kids. When collecting new toys, a storage unit can be used to separate the toys by age, gender, and toy type. This makes it easy to donate the toys when specific requests are made. Along with winter holidays, toy drives can be held for families that are in need of birthday presents or summer toys like backyard water games.

Plan ahead to get the best use out of a storage unit and really help the charitable efforts thrive. For more information, contact a storage unit company like Glenbrook Self Storage.