Pick Up These Inexpensive Items At Garage Sales To Take To Your Storage Unit

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When you have a storage unit full of your surplus possessions, you may find that you have an aversion to stopping at garage sales — after all, the last thing you may want to do is add more items to your storage unit. However, checking out some garage sales in your community can yield some worthwhile things to pick up for your storage unit without costing you much money. These items aren't possessions that you'll simply store — instead, they're things that will make your storage unit better organized and help to keep your possessions in better condition. Here are some things to pick up at some local garage sales.

Bookshelves Or Dressers

Many people sell old furniture at low prices during their garage sales, which means that you shouldn't have trouble finding one or more bookshelves or dressers. After cleaning these pieces of furniture up, you can transport them to your storage unit. While you may need to reorganize the space a little, you can then use these new additions to add organization to the unit. For example, a bookshelf is valuable for storing boxes and other possessions, rather than stacking them atop each other. With the bookshelf, you'll be able to grab whatever box you need faster. Similarly, placing items in a dresser can make them easily accessible, while also protecting them.

Sheets And Towels

You might quickly walk past any sheets or towels that are for sale at the garage sale, but these items deserve consideration. While you may not want to use them at home, they become an asset in your security unit. Large sheets can be cut to size and placed between pieces of artwork that you may have stacked against the wall of the unit. Additionally, you can place sheets or towels between any pieces of furniture that are stacked next to each other so that they don't rub and get damaged.

Packing Supplies

If someone has just moved into his or her home, the garage sale may include low-cost packing supplies that you can pick up. Boxes, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and other similar supplies are all worthwhile to transport to your storage unit. Whenever you need to retrieve something from your storage unit to transport home, you can protect it in a box with foam peanuts or bubble wrap. Over time, storage boxes can get torn and worn out, so you may have some boxes in the unit that are worth replacing. Swapping the old boxes for your new purchases is a simple way to further protect your possessions.

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