2 Tips For Storing Vintage Clothing In A Storage Facility

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People who use storage facilities tend to place their unwanted furniture or outgrown clothing in these spaces. However, if you have a growing vintage collection, then a storage facility may be the best location for your items. The storage facility makes it easy to access your items when you do need them. It is important to store your vintage clothing correctly in order to ensure that they are undamaged when you pull them out of storage. If you do not take additional steps to do this, then you may end up with irreparable damage. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use the next time you want to store your vintage clothing.

Use a Climate Control Unit

Moisture is one of the biggest damages to clothing items. Moisture is more prevalent in rooms like a storage unit. Moisture develops in these units because of the lack of air flow. When the room gets too hot this forms moisture pockets throughout the room. If the moisture is not removed quickly, then you will soon be greeted by large pockets of mold and mildew. In order to protect against this, only consider storing your clothing in rooms that have climate control. The climate control allows you to prevent the room from becoming either too warm or too cold. Using climate control may be an additional monthly fee. However, the additional fee is worth the extra precautions.

Clean and Dry Your Clothing Before Storing

Dirt, dust and extra moisture that is sitting on your clothing before placing it in storage can result in damage. Dust is easy to go overlooked and so is dirt. Therefore, take the time to take your clothing to the cleaners or clean it yourself. You can easily remove dust by using a low-setting vacuum. In addition, it is important to make sure that your clothing is thoroughly dry after a cleaning. You can ensure this by hanging it to air dry for at least an entire. Garments that do not thoroughly dry will develop mildew while in storage. This creates a stench that is hard to remove once it has been accumulating for weeks or even months.

A self-storage unit serves as a safe place where you can store your vintage clothing. However, poor prep can result in extensive damage that is often hard to replace or fix. Use these tips to ensure your items are in the same condition you left them in. For more information, go to this web-site, or others like it.