Finding A Great Storage Unit

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When it comes to long term storage of your items there really is no better place to put them than a top-quality storage unit. These units can have so many different features that can keep your items safe. Whether you are moving into a smaller home and need more space, or you just simply want to keep your belongings in a safe place, there are storage units that are going to be perfect for your situation. Here are a few things to look for in a good storage unit facility.


If you are going to be putting valuables in your storage unit, you want to have a storage facility that is secure. Look for storage unit facilities that have only one entrance, and that require a card or a code to get through the gate. You may also want to consider an storage facility that is inside. Getting inside the facility is another line of defense against burglars. Many of the top-quality storage facilities will also utilize a security camera system that will watch over your belongings at all times. Finding a secure storage facility is not going to be hard.

Pest Control

It is just natural that when you put furniture and other valuables in a room and store them for long enough, pests are going to try to take over the unit. However, you want to find a storage facility that periodically sprays for pests. When you are looking at storage units be sure to inspect the unit for any bugs or rodents. Do not be afraid to get down on your knees and look into corners. Talk to the manager and find out the strategy that they have for keeping the bugs and the rodents out of the units. 

Climate Control

If you are going to be storing electronics in your unit, you need to find a unit that is climate controlled. If your electronics are exposed to freezing and thawing cycles, then they could be rendered useless. The metal components in electronics will often swell up during heat, and then contract when it is cold. Eventually this cycle can actually break the components within the electronic device. So, if you are to be storing any type of electronic device, be it a television or a some type of mp3 player, you do not want it to go through these temperature changes.

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