Top Tips For Keeping Your Goods Organized In A Self-Storage Unit

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If you are moving temporarily and need a place to store your things for a while, your best option is to rent a storage unit. These units are ideal for storing things for a few months or for years, and most facilities do not require long-term commitments. If you decide to do this and want to make sure your things are organized and easy to find, here are some tips you should follow.

Good Organization Begins When You Pack

To begin, you should realize that your things will not be organized well in a storage unit if you do not take the time to organize them when you pack them in boxes. Proper packing is essential for keeping your things organized; and while it might take more time when you pack, it will be worth it when you need to find something that is being stored in your unit.

How to Pack Your Things

Since good organization begins when you pack, you should start by learning the right ways to pack your things. The first thing to know is that you should keep like items together. If you have a lot of books, for example, pack them all in boxes with books only. If you have kitchen items, pack them all together in boxes and try to keep like items together.

After you pack each box, label it on at least two sides of the box. By doing this, you will be able to read the label no matter which way the box is sitting. Another good tip to consider is labeling your boxes with a number.

If you label your boxes with a number and with the contents of the boxes, you will have an easier time finding the things, especially if you create a master content's list. A master content's list is something you will need to make as you pack.

Each time you pack a box and label it with a number, write down the number along with the contents in that particular box. When you need to find something that is in your storage unit, you can look at the list to find out what box it is in, and you will be able to look for that box when you get to the unit. This will simplify things a lot, and this is a great idea if you plan on needing things from your unit on a regular basis.

One other thing to consider is that you should pack your boxes full. If there is extra space in the box, stuff crumpled-up newspapers in it to fill the space. Full boxes will not crush as easily, and this will give you the ability to stack your boxes as high as you would like.

How to Store Your Things

Once you pack everything and are ready to move the items, you will also need a plan, and you will need paper and a pen. As you place the boxes in the unit, create a diagram of where you placed each box. This is another step to take to help you stay organized.

The way you place the boxes in the unit will also help you stay organized, and the best method is to leave aisles. An aisle in your unit will allow you to access items on both your left and right, and this may prevent you from having to dig through piles of boxes to find the one you are looking for.

Self-storage units come in several sizes, and some even offer temperature control, which is a good idea if you are storing things of value. To learn about the options available, contact a self-storage facility like Stadium Storage.