4 Tips For Using Your Storage Space Effectively

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Renting a storage space can be a great way to get your unnecessary belongings out of your home and open up some space inside of your house. If you are planning on moving some items into your storage unit, make sure that you arrange the items in an effective manner.

Label Everything

The first thing that you need to do is label each and every box that you want to store. Labeling each box will make it easier for you to find items when you need them. Additionally, labeling the boxes will make it easier for you to know how to store the boxes. By labeling the boxes, you will be able to know if the box is lightweight and should be placed on top or if the box is heavy and would be a great base box. Labeling your boxes will help you find your items and determine how to store items.

Place Tall Items Against the Wall

Any items that are tall and sturdy, such as a washing machine or refrigerator that you want to store, should be placed up against the wall. Putting solid furniture against the wall will help create an open up space for your boxes. Additionally, by placing all tall and sturdy items in your storage unit first, you'll have a better idea of the open space that you have left to work with.

Stack Heavy to Light

When you stack up boxes, make sure that the boxes that you use as the base are boxes that contain heavy items. You also want to make sure that these boxes are made out of strong and sturdy materials. Put boxes that contain really light items on top of the heavier boxes.

When you stack the boxes, pay attention to the size of the boxes as well. You want to stack either similar sized boxes on top of one another, or smaller boxes on top of larger boxes. Never stack a larger box on a smaller box; it could easily topple over.

Use Shelving

You don't just have to stack boxes on top of one another in your storage unit. You can also install shelving inside of your storage unit. Metal wire shelving, like the shelving used in warehouses, is a great choice for your storage unit. It is easy to install, strong, and doesn't take up a lot of space on its own.

Shelving can allow you to stack up a lot of heavy boxes on the shelves, or give you a place for a lot of lightweight and fragile boxes that you don't want to stack on top of each other. Shelving can help keep things a little more organized inside of your storage unit.

You can make good use of your storage space by labeling everything, stacking heavy furniture and appliances against the walls, stacking heavy boxes on the bottom and light boxes on the top, and using shelving to keep things organized. Contact a company, like Payless Self Storage, for more help.