Not Just A Storage Unit – It's Your Personal Santa's Workshop

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For parents, keeping the Santa secret year after year becomes increasingly difficult. As the kids get older, they get smarter and keeping those presents hidden until Christmas Eve becomes a real struggle. So, why not keep those packages out of the house altogether? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you transform a basic storage unit into your own personal Santa's Workshop.

Lease the Storage Unit

Here's the thing – you know that you're not the only one struggling to keep this huge part of Christmas alive for as many years as you can – find other parents that are also in need! If you get two or three other parents to share the unit with you, the cost will be next to nothing.

Find a storage unit that is easy for you to get to. You'll be making several stops there over the season, so find a location near your home, work or somewhere that you go often.

Set Up the Shop

Once you have the storage unit, you'll need to get things set up. You'll need some shelves because you never want to store anything on a concrete floor – moisture can become a problem quickly.

Tip: An inexpensive option for shelving is some wood pallets and cinder blocks. Stack two or three cinder blocks on each corner of a wood pallet. Then, place another pallet on top. You can create several shelves at little to no cost at all.

You'll also need a table, chair or stool, trash can and all of the wrapping paper and supplies. If the storage unit has electrical outlets, you may want some additional lighting, possibly a small heater and some music for while you work.

How it Works

So, you go out shopping, or spend some time online and get the packages shipped directly to you. You don't have to worry about stashing anything at your house. Just toss it in the car and get it to the storage unit. While at the storage unit, you have the ability to do all of the sorting and wrapping that you need to get done without having to worry about any little eyes peeking under the door trying to catch a glimpse at what you're doing.

Now, the days leading up to Christmas can be a little tricky – you have to get those packages from your storage to your home without getting caught. Now, if the unit is really close to home, you can make a quick trip Christmas Eve and just unload the car to under the tree.

You can keep this Christmas secret alive a little while longer – it may take a little more planning, but it's totally possible. For more information, contact a company like Mars Mega Storage today. Good luck and Merry Christmas!