Have A Busy Schedule? 3 Tips To Rent A Storage Unit For Quick And Easy Use

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A busy schedule can make it difficult to fit new things into your schedule. However, you may want to rent a storage unit to reduce the clutter in your home and increase your storage capacity.

A storage facility that is quick and easy to use is worth prioritizing. Fortunately, you can find ones with these qualities by taking your time to analyze several important details.

Facility Location

The most convenient location for a storage facility is one that is close to your home because this is where you will likely transport most items from. Another place worth looking at is near your workplace if you have been working there for a long time and foresee staying there for several more years. You can then bring belongings with you on your workdays and store them before work begins.

Finding multiple facilities close to your home will give you flexibility. An easy way to analyze these places is to find out how long it takes to get to each one. Then, you can look at the time it takes during rush hour to determine which one has the least amount of traffic concerns. Picking one without much traffic allows you to go at any time without having to schedule around rush hour.

Unit Location

Another detail to analyze is the available unit locations. For instance, some units are on the top floor of a building, requiring an elevator and walking down a long hallway. You will also find outside units that you can pull up next to in your vehicle and start loading right away.

Most indoor storage units come with some climate control options, which can give you maximum protection for your belongings. However, you can feel confident about prioritizing an outdoor storage unit when you are not worried about getting climate control because you are storing more durable items.


While parking in front of a storage unit will give you the fastest access, you may not get this kind of opportunity with your rental. A smart plan is to look at each available unit and the closest parking spot because you may want to pick a unit based on the parking alone. Multiple entrances are ideal for a large building because they can minimize travel time and distance.

Ideally, you want the ability to park outside the closest entrance for quick and easy access.

Renting a storage unit with these tips in mind will allow you to confidently store items on a tight schedule. Reach out to a self-storage facility near you to learn more.