Things To Consider When Selecting A Storage Unit For Your Belongings

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Self-storage has become increasingly popular, and choosing the best unit for your needs can be challenging. Whether you need extra space to store your personal belongings, office equipment, or inventory, it is essential to select a storage facility that meets your needs. Here are a few factors to consider when considering a self-storage unit.

Unit Security

The first thing to consider when selecting a self-storage unit is security. You want to ensure that your possessions will be safe and secure while in storage. When evaluating a storage facility, look for features such as security cameras, gated access, and security personnel. 

Additionally, you can check to see if the facility has alarms and individual unit locks. A self-storage facility with an attendant on-site twenty-four hours a day can improve security more and allow you to come in anytime you need to access your storage unit. 

Location and Accessibility

The location of the storage facility is also an essential factor to consider, especially if you plan on visiting your unit frequently. Look for storage facilities located near your home or work for convenience. 

If you need to access your items regularly, look for facilities that offer 24-hour access, and consider the availability of loading docks, elevators, and drive-up units.

Unit Size

Most storage facilities offer a range of unit sizes, so it's essential to consider the amount of storage space you need. You should try to account for future growth in your storage needs before settling for unit size and the items you want to store. 

Evaluate the size and shape of the objects you want to store, as well as how you intend to pack them. A tape measure will help you measure items and determine the best unit size for your storage needs.

Climate Control

If you plan on storing temperature-sensitive items, such as electronics, antiques, artwork, or sensitive documents, climate-controlled storage units are a good option. 

These units regulate temperature and humidity levels, thus ensuring that your items remain in good condition while in storage. This feature often comes at an additional cost, but it's worth the investment in protecting your valuables.


The cost of the storage unit is another crucial factor to consider. Storage facilities charge different rates based on things like size, location, security, and whether they offer climate control services. 

It's essential to compare prices from different storage facilities and look for promotions, discounts, and other incentives. While cost is an important factor, it can change over time, so try and get a price locked in for a year. However, quality and safety are often more important than cost, especially when storing valuable or sentimental items. 

For more info about self-storage, contact a local company.